Horse Racing Roulette? Santa Anita’s new wager fails to deliver value to bettors

Santa Anita Park will open the gates for its winter match on Dec. 26 with a brand-new wager called Horse Racing Roulette. I am not joking.
The new wager will debut as a win-only bet and will be available in all races throughout the match that have six or more horses.
Horse Racing Roulette will set horses together and mark them red, green or black at the track program, and payoffs will be produced according to the colour of the winner and regular pari-mutuel calculations.Here will be the basic elements and rules of Horse Racing Roulette in Santa Anita Park:
??? It’s a $2 minimum wager, and the monitor boasts a low 15.43 percent take-out rate.
??? Races must have a minimum of six runners, and horses will be put into three groups: Red, Black or Green. Typically, the morning-line favorite is going to be part of the Red Group. The Green Group is going to be compromised mainly of longshots.
??? The three groups will not have an equal quantity of horses, ordinarily.
??? Whichever group includes the race winnerwins that”match” of all Horse Racing Roulette.
??? In case all gambling interests are scratched in a colour group, gambling will be stopped and all wagers refunded.
In case of a dead-heat for first place, the swimming pool will be split between the winning classes.
Is Horse Racing Roulette a Fantastic idea?
I acknowledge the need for The Stronach Group, that owns Santa Anita, to recruit new horse gamers, and that I support new thoughts that do this. I also get the drift of trying to pull those who’ve gambled before by enticing them with a recognizable wagering game like roulette.
But people who’ve played roulette are probably brought on by the 35/1 chances of hitting a straight number. By decreasing all the horses in a field to three gambling”colours”, the longest price of those color choices won’t be so long. Roulette players will not be rushing to the racetrack to play with a roulette wheel with only three betting interests, in which the longest price of this spin would pay out at 5/1 chances or less.
This”new” bet has a small odor of despair. There are already lots of wagers on the market, several for 50 cents, 20 cents and even a dime. A $2 bet with modest payout won’t be good at attracting old or new customers, or perhaps derelict gamblers.
One can simply look to the chronic three-horse races that happen almost daily in New York. They create very little betting interest and extend no worth, and nobody puts much effort or money into gambling a three-horse race.
Viable Alternatives?
I would hate to bash a notion without providing an alternative solution.
I’ve learned through the years that horse gamers just want to be acknowledged rather than be mistreated. They want a reason to wagerthey demand value and they also like free stuff. How about:
??? A free voucher for a $2 launching Daily Double bet, which could benefit the birds with a shot at getting off to a fantastic start with the track’s cash.
??? A handicapping competition every Saturday, where the trail puts up a few grand and the bettors match their skills against each other using a mythical $500 bankroll.
??? One day a week when the track guarantees complete fields of at least ten horses in every race. Worth is what we search for in a hurry, and there is not any in short areas.
??? One day per week when the track lowers it’s takeout to 10 per cent, giving bettors a large motive to swarm into the monitor.
??? A pick-6 sequence where players get to select the 6 races of the selection.
??? A free beer, sexy dog, parking or monitor program, which may go a long way from the track’s relationship with its customers.
If more people arrived at the racetrack, the magic of thoroughbred racing could finish up. Tracks need to stop being greedy and realize we are not just going to line up and plunk down our cash, particularly if no value is apparent. Three- and four-horse races, 26 percentage takeouts on pick-6 wagers and $20 entrance fees before you even make a bet do not exactly put out the welcome mat.
Horse players whine that a lot and aren’t easy to please, but it’s possible for tracks to offer the value they’re looking for. I just don’t believe Horse Racing Roulette is gonna do it.
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