how to quit smoking weed

Smoking of marijuana has become highly popularized in recent days with its benefits quoted as the primary reason for persons to continue smoking it. Nevertheless, researchers have observed that smoking marijuana is as harmful and addictive as smoking cigarettes. With studies that show that thirty percent of marijuana users are dependent on it, its users should take the step to stop smoking by adopting various methods.

The first way is by quitting gradually. A weed smoker can implement this by coming up with a specific deadline by which they should be free from weed and working towards it. One should decide on how much weed they should smoke each day and continually reduce it until free from it. Additionally, one should keep busy by engaging in hobbies such as reading, watching movies or spending time with friends to take one’s mind off it and utilize the newfound free time.

The second method of quitting is ‘cold turkey.’ The technique encompasses wholly stopping smoking at once. The technique, which is the harshest and the most difficult to follow covers destroying the all the weed and its equipment such as a bong and matches to eliminate any triggers. Also, the users should employ the help of their support system for care and encouragement while looking out for withdrawal symptoms that may be draining and understand that they are short-lived.

The third method is by seeking professional help. A weed smoker can opt to seek the help of a doctor or psychiatrist who would prescribe medication to end the dependence. One can also consult a therapist or attend group counseling where one can get support to speak about their problem and learn how to recover. Additionally, one can opt to commit to a rehabilitation program by putting their life on hold for a period until they become clean.

While providing its users with temporary relief from what one is facing, marijuana brings about numerous consequences detrimental to one’s health. Therefore, a user should take the step of eliminating the behavior through gradually stopping its use, instituting the cold turkey method and seeking professional help.

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