TAG0351-Downstream Analyst石油下游分析师

Our client is a world leading Energy intelligence company which is based in Beijing.

This role will play an important part in expanding Wood Mackenzie’s Oils research business in Asia Pacific. The successful candidate will actively participate in the analysis of the refined products market in Asia Pacific with a particular focus on China. The role would involve identifying and establishing a network of industry contacts in Asia (particularly China). The successful candidate will work with other highly motivated professionals analyzing the key issues that influence and challenge the downstream oil industry. He or she will become an important member of the growing downstream team in Asia.

Main Responsibilities
• Analyze the refined product markets in the short to medium term
• Examine developments and trends within the industry, including changes in government regulations, and assess the impact on supply/demand and industry structure
• Research and validation of refinery configuration, crude slate, refinery investments and trade
• Analyze refinery competitive position (net cash margin) for refineries in China, but supporting the broader Asia Pacific region as required.
• Analyze the evolving market structure in China and other leading Asian markets, including the key market players in the refining, wholesale, and retail segments.
• Establish a valuable network of industry contacts in region with support from client managers.
• Write high-quality analysis on the key issues facing the downstream sector.
• Present our analysis and views to clients in face-to-face meetings.
Knowledge Skills & Experience
• Knowledge of the fuels marketing and trading operations within Asia
• Knowledge and experience in refinery simulation and refinery modeling

Key Competencies
• 3+years of relevant industry experience with knowledge of commercial refining
• Understanding of refinery economics and knowledge of oil product markets
• The ability to visualize the implications and dynamics of events in downstream industry
• Strong problem solving and analytical skills
• The ability to work across different time zones and multi-cultural work environments
• Willingness to travel, both to Wood Mackenzie and to client offices
• Good communication skills to present analysis and ideas to colleagues and clients
• Excellent written and spoken English and excellent spoken Mandarin essential
• A serious commitment to excellence and meeting the high standards expected by our clients

Please contact to Mia Li for this job via miali@tag-china.com or 010-59009080


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