TAG0604-Senior Tax Manager,Beijing

Our client is a world leading company which provides the high qualified service to the oil and gas company.

Job Description

  • Compute, manage and review FAS 109, IAS 12 and FIN 48 provisions and analysis
  • Review income tax balance sheet accounts for reasonableness and approve true-up entries to match accounts/tax return
  • Review SOX controls, assist with SOX compliance for income taxes and compliance with local country tax control regimes as applicable
  • Provide advice and counsel to business leaders on tax issues and communicate tax legislation changes and updates
  • Provide education and training to business partners on tax
  • Review tax terms in operational tenders, contracts, agency agreements, and vendor agreements to ensure tax efficient operations
  • Lead and coordinate external tax advisors and manage professional fees
  • Review and approve Powers of Attorney granted to employees
  • Prepare and coordinate intercompany agreements for group companies.
  • Prepare, coordinate or review all corporate income tax filings, working closely with enterprise finance personnel and external advisor
  • Review enterprise financial information needed for tax compliance purposes
  • Perform tax accrual/provision to tax return reconciliations
  • Develop and implement corporate income tax processes and procedures to ensure consistency in compliance with local tax law and accounting standards thereby helping to minimize tax exposures and protect the Company
  • Develop and manage transfer pricing policies, write documentation, review calculations and ensure consistency in comparables
  • Conduct interviews of support service personnel to determine stewardship and direct benefit services under transfer pricing guidelines
  • Assist in meeting BHI’s US tax reporting requirements
  • Obtain tax residency certificates and file DTR claims with tax authorities.
  • Coordinate and manage tax audits and appeals with the tax authorities
  • Manage FIN 48 positions and risks associated
  • Manage tax litigation with outside advisor and counsel
  • Provide support to IRS audit queries as appropriate
  • Develop and implement tax strategies and savings opportunities to create value by minimizing ETR
  • Review and advise on corporate legal structure and integration to ensure tax efficiency and tax issues are resolved
  • Manage tax installment payments to minimize cash flow
  • Negotiate and liaison with tax authorities for tax incentives and grants
  • Perform tax due diligence for merger and acquisition activity, and assist in integration
  • Assist with implementation of global tax initiatives and projects


Candidates’ Profile

  • Qualified accountant or a degree/professional qualification in finance, tax or a related discipline
  • At least 7 years tax experience gained with a Big 5 professional services firm or in the in-house tax team of a mulitnational organization
  • Previous tax experience for China a must including managing audits, negotiations with bureaus and self check
  • Strong communication and language skills (particularly English and Mandarin
  • Self starter that can operate independently without close supervision)

Anyone interested, please contact Fan Yang, the finance head hunter at yangfan@tag-china.com. Or call me at (010)5900 9080.


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